Rocksteady’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Set 5 Years After ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

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Rocksteady has been quite busy with the development of their next Arkhamverse game. Instead of returning to the Batman formula they perfected, they decided to take a different route. This time around, they are focusing on the smaller villains of the DC universe with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. During the latest State of Play from PlayStation, we also got some more details on when exactly this new entry takes place.

According to the developer Rocksteady, it seems this game will be a direct sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight. To be exact, it’ll take place around five years after that film ended with Batman seemingly retiring his cape. We know that he’ll return in this game and will once again be voiced by Kevin Conroy, which adds to the connection between these games.

It does raise an eyebrow on how exactly they’ll try to explain Batman’s return given how Arkham Knight ended, but they may play a little loose with the canon. Gotham Knights were not part of the Arkhamverse and acted as its own spinoff using elements from the iconic Arkhamverse. Plus, it’s from a different developer who did create the Arkham Origins prequel game that was part of the universe.

We don’t know more about what exactly the story will be outside of Task Force X, the iconic Suicide Squad’s official designation that will take on brainwashed Justice League members. It does seem a bit sour to potentially have to kill Batman after Kevin Conroy‘s tragic passing in this game, but maybe they have a secret up their sleeve.

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