Sylvester Stallone Speaks Out Against ‘Creed’ Spinoff to Double Down on ‘Rocky’ Right Issues

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The Rocky franchise is growing, and series star Sylvester Stallone isn’t happy about it. It was announced recently that MGM would be developing a spin-off film centered around the infamous Drago family, with Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu reprising their father-son roles as Russian fighters Ivan and Viktor Drago from Rocky IV and Creed 2, respectively. Robert Lawton is set to write the script, with Irwin and David Winkler producing. Stallone, who has been actively involved with the creative process of nearly every Rocky and Creed installment, will seemingly not be part of the project.

The actor took to his Instagram just days ago to confirm some beef between himself and the Winkler family, calling David Winklerpainfully untalented” and his father Irwinparasitical”. There is apparently an ongoing dispute between Stallone and the Winklers over the rights to Rocky, with the former claiming that the latter is holding hostage what should be his. The announcement of Drago only further set Stallone off, with the 80s icon returning to his social media for another vicious takedown:

Stallone is best remembered as the lead role in the Rocky films, but the creative also wrote every installment and directed all but two of the films. He also helped co-write the first two Creed movies. The upcoming third Creed will be the first without his direct contributions, although his role as producer indicates the project is happening with his blessing.

Source: Instagram

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