Tara Strong Lends Voice to TVA Mascot Miss Minutes in ‘Loki’

loki miss minutes

There’s always that one voice that you’ll hear in a movie, show, or game that’ll be so instantly recognizable that you just have to drop everything and figure out who it is. This just so happens to be the case with Marvel Studios new series, Loki, where popular voice actress Tara Strong made a surprise appearance of sorts as TVA mascot Miss Minutes. Fans with a keen ear will catch on quickly when we first meet Miss Minutesupon Loki’s arrival at the TVA. Her instantly recognizable voice is sure to please many fans of her work.

Strong is no stranger to the comic book genre, havingbeen the voice of countless characters from both Marvel and DC in animation, film, and video games. On the Marvel side of things she’s voiced X-23, Magik, Mary Jane Watson, Firestar, and even H.E.R.B.I.E. Strong’s lent her voice to Harley Quinn a record thirty-three times during her career in projects such as the Arkham Series and is also known for her voice work as Raven in both Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.

Tara Strong’s addition to Loki isn’t the first time a voice actress of her status has worked on a Marvel Studiose project. Veteran voice actress Grey Delisle Griffin could be briefly heard in a voiceover for one of the shows infamous commercials in WandaVision. The first episode of Loki is now streaming on Disney+, the only place you get to experience Miss Minutes’ southern charm.

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