New Report Debunks ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Potentially Leaving Netflix

wednesday season 2

Netflix has already been in the news for canceling another one of their major releases, but a report indicated it might even lose its biggest new release yet. The Addams Family reinterpretation took Wednesday Addams out of her usual family dynamic and put her in the middle of a murder mystery storyline at a boarding school. It was a massive hit with viewers and ended up even competing with Stranger Things for who holds the crown of most viewed series in its premiere week.

Yet, there was some uncertainty with Wednesday due to MGM being involved with the production. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s recent purchase by Amazon had some wondering if they might want to bring this hit series to their own streaming service, Prime Video. A report by The Independent hinted at this being a grim possibility, but a new article by IndieWire seemingly debunks these claims.

They highlight that the deal between Netflix and MGM was done long before the studio was purchased. While they acknowledge that it’s not unheard of that a series jump to a different streaming service, but that this may simply be reactionary to the lack of renewal for the hit series. The various cancelations simply add to that usual concern similar to how theories started to make the rounds when The Sandman’s renewal was dragged out by the streamer. For now, it seems like the series is safe on Netflix and we’ll just have to wait for

Source: IndieWire

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