Closer Look at FX’s ‘Y: THE LAST MAN’s Yorick Brown Released

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Just a few days after getting an official premiere date for the Y: The Last Man adaptation, we now got our first look at the series lead, Yorick Brown. It was shared by series producer Eliza Clark to showcase a somewhat iconic shot taken straight from the comics. He is even holding his Ampersand’s, his pet monkey, carrier. When we find Yorick donning this look, at the beginning of the series, he’s on his way to Washington DC, looking for his mother, Representative Brown. He keeps his identity hidden since being the last representative of the male gender would be something that would draw a lot of attention to himself. A plan that, as most plans in post-apocalyptic times go, doesn’t really hold up for long.

Yorick’s true identity is rapidly revealed, in what proves as the catalyst for his globe-trotting adventures, looking for a cure that would guarantee a future for the human race. Moved by his own self-interest of traveling to Australia, to meet up with this girlfriend who was there conducting research when the plague hit, instead of going in search of a Boston geneticist who could study him and possibly discover the reasons behind his survival, Yorick must navigate a world where he is no longer seen as a person, but a means to an end.



Warcraft’s Ben Schnetzer is playing the titular character of Yorick with Diane Lane portraying his mother, Congresswoman Jennifer Brown, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. The mainly female cast will also feature Ashley RomansDiana Bang, as well as Dredd‘s Olivia Thirlby. It will premiere on September 13th, 2021, on FX.

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