‘THE BOYS’ Spin-Off Fast-Tracked by Amazon

It looks like The Boys second season was a massive hit. According to Variety, Amazon is currently speeding up the development of a spin-off. The series has been out barely three weeks. Yet, the season is already a hit for the streaming service. According to Amazon, the second season is their most-watched global launch. Its audience has grown by 89% since the last one. They had so much confidence they already renewed the show before it premiered. 

The spin-off will feature America’s exclusive superhero college. Of course, Vought International runs it. It will continue the main series R-rating by focusing on a generation of hormonal and competitive superheroes. They certainly tease that many different boundaries will be broken. They also describe The Hunger Games as an inspiration. Looks like not everyone is going to make it through their college debut alive. Craig Rosenberg is currently set as showrunner, who was a writer on the original series. Eric Kripke will return as an Executive Producer alongside Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and James Weaver

It sounds like a fun concept. The show already seems to break every rule there is. So, exploring teenagers in this world might be even crazier than before.  The Hunger Games inspiration is interesting. It will be interesting if the war is during the school year, or they build up to a major event at the end of the season. We could get the Anime trope of a tournament arc in our American superhero show. Also, it will probably not shy away from its political angle. We will see a lot of comments on college culture. It will be a crazy ride. Luckily, we still have a few weeks of The Boys to go to tie us over.


Source: Variety

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