‘The Boys’ Spinoff Loses Aimee Carrero and Shane Paul McGhie

the boys spinoff

We’ve long waited for any information or update on the next spinoff for The Boys. While the animated Diabolical anthology series has just recently found its way to Amazon Prime, there’s been surprisingly little on the college-focused series that would adapt the comics’ parody of the X-Men. Cast members Aimee Carrero and Shane Paul McGhie have left the project.

Carrero has now joined another dark comedy titled The Consultant, where she’ll star opposite Christoph Waltz and soon will be seen in the upcoming Paramount+ series on the making of The Godfather. It’s unclear what project McGhie may have signed on after leaving the project or if he has at all, but one of the reasons mentioned on their departure is the long-production process.

That is not all, as while the series had all its characters cast, there were seemingly major changes happening behind the scenes that may have led to McGhie leaving the project. For now, both roles will be recast moving forward and we’ll see when they might finally pick up production and find replacements for the roles.

It’s been curious how long the project has dragged out up to this point, but it’s not uncommon. With most of the focus being on the third season of The Boys, the creative team might still be trying to find its place in the overall timeline, especially with whatever the consequences might be from the upcoming third season.

Source: Deadline

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