‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Almost Featured a Comic-Accurate Lizard

spider man no way home lizard

There’s something rather fun about looking back at a film and how it may have changed throughout production. Spider-Man: No Way Home is no exception, as concept art finding its way online offering a glimpse at how they brought the designs from previous Spider-Man films to a new era. Yet, it seems that one of the members may have looked quite a bit different.

The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Lizard makes his return after Rhys Ifans played the character back in 2012. He had the same design in the threequel, but it seems that they’ve considered giving him a more comic-accurate design at some point. Ian Joyner shared some artwork offering a glimpse at a very different Lizard wearing his purple pants, lab coat, and a stronger reptilian face.

The design looks great but probably wouldn’t have fit with the character talking throughout the film. Plus, you do lose that charm of his original design as they changed quite a bit with Elektro. So, it would be a shame if both Andrew Garfield‘s villains got a complete redesign while Tobey Maguire‘s remained mostly the same. Hopefully, we do get to see a horror-themed film with Spidey as he takes down Lizard. He is about to enter college and meet a new Dr. Curt Conners and knowing what happens to him, it seems like Parker would be the one to accidentally push him to still end up the way he would throughout the multiverse.

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