Roku’s ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ Biopic Has Wrapped Production

weird al yankovich biopic

Doesn’t it feel like they started filming the “Weird” Al Jankovich biopic just a few days ago? It has been some time but it still seems crazy how fast the Daniel Radcliffe-led project with the title Weird: The Al Yankovic Story managed to wrap production. We first got some set photos almost two or three weeks ago featuring Radcliffe as the titular star. Eric Appel is in the director’s chair to explore the story of a young Jankovich parodying his way up to stardom.

It’s astonishing that they wrapped production in 18 days, and it’s great to see Yankovich‘s excitement for the project. We still don’t know just how much of his story this project will cover or how they might approach it. So far, we only saw Radcliffe rocking his original look when the comedian started making a name for himself, especially with his iconic afro and mustache.

Yankovich has been heavily involved with the project and it wouldn’t be too surprising if he will also appear in the film as himself, or break the fourth wall now and then. If they already wrapped production this fast, it seems likely that the film could find itself on Roku before the year ends.

Source: Instagram

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