‘Daredevil’ & Co.’s Addition to Disney+ Draws Criticism of Supposedly Destroying the Disney Brand

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Disney+ made quite the headlines when they announced that shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and more from the Netflix era are making their way to the streaming service. While these projects have an older demographic, the service will include parental control. Mature content isn’t new to the service, as specific markets include it through the Star branding, but it seems that this move has gotten the attention of the Parents Television Council, who have slammed Disney for their decision. Its President Tim Winter had made the following statement:

For more than 98 years, the Walt Disney Company has been synonymous with the words Family Friendly, and I can think of no other corporation in American history that has been built more squarely on the backs – and on the wallets – of parents and families. The company’s eponymous platform Disney Plus logically marketed itself as a family-friendly streaming service, and parents have placed their trust in Disney to deliver just that

Tim Winter

He goes on to make false comparisons, such as Disney World “adding live striptease performances in Fantasyland” to make its point. Parental control is also mentioned, but they believe that the mere existence of R-rated content violates the trust of families. It’s curious considering that What If…? actively promoted episodes featuring zombies that are also killed throughout the episode.

There is no need for Disney Plus to compete with the explicit content on other streaming platforms. Disney is already at a competitive advantage with a streaming platform that is the safest one out there for families. Its foray into TV-MA-rated fare will forever tarnish its family-friendly crown

While many could argue that the addition of more mature content only benefits their growing market by also offering something for older parts of the family to enjoy the content. Who knows if they might add additional elements into allowing a more family-friendly setup for users of the streaming service, similar to Netflix’s Kids function. We’ll see how or even if Disney reacts to this statement at some point and how they might tackle the concerns.

Source: Variety

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