REVIEW: ‘Human Resources’ is a More In-Depth Story Than its Predecessor

Human Resources manages to stand on its own alongside Big Mouth as it balances a story full of emotion and humor with ease.

Netflix’s Big Mouth is a huge success for the streaming service. The story of a group of teens who find themselves struggling with puberty was a well-done take on the things adolescents often find themselves dealing with — mostly due to the inclusion of the often ridiculous hormone monsters. So, it’s not entirely surprising that Netflix moved ahead with a spinoff series focusing on not just the Hormone Monsters and the Shame Wizard, but the rest of the various creatures that make up the Human Resources department. While many might have felt that the fifth season of Big Mouth spent too much time establishing the spinoff, Human Resources manages to successfully craft a strong story without relying on its predecessor.

Part of what makes Human Resources such a delight to watch is that it truly tries to be its own thing. It might take an episode or two, but once the series finds its own voice? It establishes itself as one of Netflix’s best-animated series — and yes, that’s including Big Mouth. Although the Hormone Monsters feature frequently in Human Resources, this series moves beyond them. In fact, the entire first season has an impressively well-structured storyline that, while allowing for their explicit behavior, manages to succeed without relying on them. Instead, the Lovebugs take center stage this go-round, and while they could appear off-putting initially, by season’s end, the Lovebugs might just become a new fan favorite.

Human Resources revolves around various creatures — including the Lovebugs, Hormone Monsters, Logic Rocks and Shame Wizards — aiding humans journey through every aspect of life from puberty to childbirth to the twilight years. Unsurprisingly, though, as the series goes on, the creatures begin to find a bit of humanity within themselves, too. This is the type of animated series that, while being advertised as raunchy and funny, is more than meets the eye. It’s packed full of emotion, from grief, to love, to depression and acceptance. There’s a heck of a lot here to unpack, and yet, the series manages to tell such a well-balanced story within so few episodes. It’s honestly impressive just how well the writers handle the variety of topics and the massive cast of creatures.

Human Resources focuses on one individual for the most part and the creatures that try and help her journey through life. However, over the course of the series, we are slowly introduced to a few other key characters that’ll become entwined in the main storyline in various methods. The fascinating part about Human Resources is that it successfully plays the long game with its background characters. Some of these individuals are introduced merely as background characters at first, but by the end of Season 1, they become fully incorporated into the story with the series somehow successfully tackling their tales alongside Becca’s journey. It’s a juggling act and, somehow, the series juggles each storyline so wonderfully.

Big Mouth might’ve come first, and it might be a hit, but when it comes down to it? Human Resources is everything Big Mouth is and more, in all of the best ways. Romance. Grief. Love. Vulgarity. Comedy. It’s a mismatch of everything and it works so wonderfully. Just don’t be surprised when, by the season’s end, tears escape your eyes because the ending is an emotional one, and it earns every moment of emotion it delivers in the final episode. 

Human Resources hits Netflix on March 18, 2022.

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