RUMOR: Ezra Bridger Will Receive ‘Ahsoka’ Spin-Off Series

A new rumor suggests that following ‘Ashoka,’ Eman Esfandi’s Ezra Bridger will lead his own series.
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The Star Wars universe continues to grow, and if rumors are true, a fan favorite character will be front and center for the expansion. It was revealed last month that Eman Esfandi would bring Ezra Bridger, the beloved protagonist of Disney XD’s animated Star Wars: Rebels, to life in the upcoming live-action Disney+ series Ahsoka. Now, it would seem Esfandi will be around for more than just the Rosario Dawson-starring project, as a new rumor suggests he will receive his own solo series after Ahsoka’s conclusion. The report comes from industry insider Daniel RPK, who claims the actor is already signed on to headline his own show in the coming years.

RPK dropped the disclaimer that he’s unsure whether the Bridger series would be a direct sequel to Rebels or something entirely different. The last fans saw of the character, he was sacrificing himself to bring down Lars Mikkelsen’s Grand Admiral Thrawn and a large portion of the Galactic Empire. Voiced by Taylor Gray in the animated show, Ezra was thrust into parts unknown, alongside Thrawn, with his future left as a giant question mark for viewers and his loyal companions. Ahsoka promises to give an answer to that mystery, but it’s possible Ezra’s journey remains incomplete by the time the final episode airs. An Ezra solo project could then, hypothetically, act as the final installment in a trilogy of shows about the character and his Ghost crew.

It’s important to remember this is only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun concept to fantasize about. Fans will be able to learn the truth when Ahsoka begins airing in 2023.

Source: TheDisInsider

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