‘The Flash’: Set Photos Offer First Look at Jordan Fischer as Impulse

impulse jordan fisher

The Flash has been a staple in the comic book community since it first premiered back in 2014. The series follows the story of Barry Allen as he works to save the city from all sorts of meta-human or otherworldly threats. For the past seven seasons, The Flash has explored the speed force in many ways. It has introduced different speedsters including Jay Garrick, Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Jesse Quick, Kid Flash, and even Barry’s daughter, XS. In the upcoming 150th episode, the series will introduce Bart Allen, the wildly rambunctious descendant of Barry and Iris. As such, he also goes by the appropriate name of Impulse. Luckily, it seems the first images of his costume have found their way online.


The character of Bart Allen will be played by Jordan Fisher. It looks like the suit is quite accurate, as it even sports the white and red color scheme with his iconic goggles. The series has taken a bit of departure with this interpretation of Bart, as he’s mostly known as the grandson of Barry. In the comics, he was from a doomed future and tried to make a new life. However, in this version of the character, he’ll be the second son of the couple alongside his sister Nora. Jessica Parker-Kennedy will reprise her role as XS in the upcoming 150th episode.

Noticeable in the background is yet another appearance of Godspeed, a character whose been recurring since he first made his debut. We were first introduced to the character as XS faced off against the mysterious speedster. It’s possible the pair have come from the future to help Barry uncover the truth behind their Godspeed problem, who constantly leaves duplicates behind.

Source: Tvweb, Instagram

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