Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Reveals First Fully Animated Hawkeye Nameplate

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Marvel’s Avengers has entered its second event with the Red Room Takeover. We are currently going through a pre-event with the Rooskya Protocols before the second part kicks off on May 20th. Of course, we also got a developer stream this week with some more details on what we can expect. Crystal Dynamics welcomed a new member of the developer stream and offered some details on short-term content.

  • They got joined by their Experience Director Tore Blystad who is responsible for various aspects of game development. He oversees scripts, animations, cinematics, mission types, etc.
  • Next week we will get a blog post with more detail on post-Level 50, the Roadmap will get an update, and, of course, the next part of the Red Room event. The next dev stream will feature a designer.
  • Red Room Takeover got briefly highlighted. We will get more details next week with a trailer also teased in the stream. Tore did reveal that these will be unique gauntlet missions. You can fall into lava or even shove your enemies into it.


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  • Omega Level Threats are right around the according to CD. They revealed that it won’t be the Cloning Labs, as they have adjusted the release order. Still, it is great to see that we are finally getting one in the upcoming patches. He needs to confirm which number.
  • The developers have confirmed that their teams do not interfere with content progressions. So, those working on OLTs are not affected by event developments.
  • He teased that we will see a lot more Marvel integration in the future.
  • CD is looking
  • Patrol ModeCosmic Cube, and War of Wakanda will be larger updates in comparison to the current events.
  • We got our first look at a fully animated Hawkeye-inspired nameplate, which is ripped straight out of My Life as a Weapon.


There are some exciting things in the works, and I cannot wait to get my hands on an Omega-Level Threat. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the endgame content that got delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. It’ll be interesting to see what it adds to the game and how it may change the way we tackle these missions with our favorite Marvel heroes. Also, the mention of the implementation of more “Marvel DNA” in the future is an exciting prospect, which I hope they can talk about shortly.

Source: Twitter, Play Avengers

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