Gail Simone Confirms Involvement in Millenium’s ‘Red Sonja’ Film

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Development on the upcoming reboot of Red Sonja has begun with the project recently casting its lead in Hannah John-Kamen. Kamen joins director and co-writer Joel Soloway and writer Tasha Huo. Story details on the project have remained scarce but will most likely follow the origin of Sonja and how she came to be the sword-wielding heroine. Red Sonja has been a popular comic character since her inception, created by Roy Thomas, she first appeared alongside Conan The Barbarian in Conan The Barbarian #23. The character was later brought back to life by Gail Simone, most known for her work on Batgirl and Birds of Prey.

Simone‘s work on the character began with Red SonjaQueen of Plagues. It would continue with the character with Art of Blood and FireThe Forgiving of Monsters, and an anthology series surrounding the character, properly titled Legends of Red Sonja. From the announcement of the film, Simone expressed immediate interest in the project, immediately taking to Twitter with eagerness.

With the film recently moving closer and closer to starting production, fans immediately took to Twitter asking Simone what her thoughts on the upcoming project were. Upon the waves of comments and questions, Simone casually revealed that she’d been a consultant on the project since “almost day one!”

Simone‘s involvement in the film is definitely a great addition to the project considering her runs on the character are some of the most beloved by fans. The project currently has no release date and has yet to add any additional members to its cast.

Source: Twitter

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