‘The Flash’s Ezra Miller Breaks Silence on Recent Events

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There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding The Flash star Ezra Miller, especially due to continued accusations that have reached a threshold of many wondering what the future has in store for the film. Warner Bros. Discovery’s decision to cancel Batgirl with the controversies surrounding The Flash star had many baffled and there were even hints on how they might tackle it.

It seems that something is happening now after all, as Miller has broken the silence on his recent behavior as revealed by Variety. It seems that he has opened up about the legal issues and accusations. He seemingly apologizes for his behavior and highlights that he’s back towards a “healthy, safe and productive stage” of his life.

The future of The Flash has been a massive question mark, especially with the controversies surrounding its stars. It was already pushed back by an entire year; ironic given just how often the project seemingly was postponed before it even got a chance to start production. After going through many directors and writers, the drama surrounding the project seemingly just added to its issues. We’ll have to see how they handle it moving forward and if this is their first attempt at repairing the PR surrounding the project.

Source: Twitter

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