‘The Mandalorian’: First Disney+ Show to Join Nielsen’s Top 10 Streaming List

It’s been a big year for streaming services. As most people were stuck at home, they used the time to catch up on the latest shows by Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more. These services do not provide much insight into how their shows are doing, so we depend on external analysts to give us a feeling if our favorite show is popular or not. Well, according to Nielsen, it looks like Disney+ has finally been able to join the top ten, as The Mandalorian has taken the third spot right behind The Office and Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit. It is the first time a Disney+ series was able to join the list.

The show was watched for over 1 billion minutes, which will only increase from here. Keep in mind this only accounts for the week of October 26th. So, it only takes into account the first season and the second season’s premiere episode. As such, it only counts the first nine episodes of the series’ run. Its performance wasn’t so far off from The Office, which consists of 192 episodes in total. As such, it does not include episodes that include the appearance of fan-favorite characters or the hype it built around Thanksgiving weekend.

The Queen’s Gambit was also a massive success for Netflix, as it has managed to garner 1,850M viewed minutes since it released at the end of October. The rest of the list mostly consists of shows that are available via Netflix, such as Schitt’s Creek, Holidate, Grey’s Anatomy, and many more. It’ll be interesting to see if WandaVision will also join the list once it released in January.

Source: Variety

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