First Look at ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ 30th Anniversary Special

power rangers 30th

It’s crazy to think that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were released 30 years ago. The franchise has been a chlidhood memory many cherish. Recently, the franchise has seen a big boom in popularity once again, especially with the Boom! Studios comic series. They have revisited some familiar characters from the original franchise while also introducing a really interesting multiversal twist on what makes a Power Rangers storyline.

Netflix has been hard at work on its own cinematic universe inspired by the original series, but it seems they also have something quite special in mind. As revealed on Twitter, Netflix will premiere a 30th-anniversary special on April 19th titled Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always. It’ll see the return of some of the show’s original stars including Barbara Goodson, who voiced Rita Repulsa, David Yost, Walter E. Jones, and who knows who else might appear.

That is not all, as the official Power Rangers account, which shared its own unique anniversary logo, also offered a trailer teasing the new anniversary and some new footage they’ve filmed.

Who knows if they have more planned for this year, and perhaps we’ll finally get some news on the Netflix series that’ll be showrun by Jenny Klein. Dino Fury even broke the two-season tradition for the anniversary, as it returns for an additional season before whatever the future has in store for the franchise. Here’s looking forward to what else might be on its way. Still, there’s also that feeling of sadness after the tragic passing of Jason David Frank, but his spirit lives on with the franchise.

Source: Twitter

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