RUMOR: Marvel Studios’ ‘Ghost Rider’ May Release This Year

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There are many characters that people want to see join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve already had a smorgasbord of new additions throughout the last few years, especially in the ambitious Multiverse Saga. Yet, that hasn’t stopped other rumors making the rounds on who else might have their future. Werewolf by Night, especially, introduced a more horror-centric corner of the MCU opening up many more potentially getting their own chance at a similar adaptation through a Special Presentation.

Given the horror theme, the most popular choice was Ghost Rider, who has long been rumored to potentially appear in his own project. No matter which version they may adapt, there’s been quite a few rumors making the rounds that they may be developing a project. Gabriel Luna, who previously played the character in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series also was quite excited to potentially return to the role given his Hulu spinoff series was canceled.

Now, a new rumor is making the rounds from Geeks Worldwide’s KC Walsh about the long-rumored project. While he does not have any details on what exactly we can expect from it, he does point to the fact that it’s currently set to release this year in 2023. If they stick to a similar production schedule like Werewolf by Night, they would have to start production in the coming months but it would be possible if they are aiming for a Halloween special. If that is true, we might get more rumors soon, and likely have to wait a bit before we find out more.

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