Michael B. Jordan Teaming Up with Chad Stahelski for ‘Rainbow Six’

John Wick director Chad Stahelski has signed on to direct Paramount’s Rainbow Six starring Michael B. Jordan. The film will adapt author Tom Clancy’s novel of the same name and serve as a direct sequel to Without Remorse, which streamed on Amazon Prime in 2021. Without Remorse was streamed in 2.3M households during its first weekend on the service in April 2021.

Jordan will be reprising his role as CIA operative John Kelly whose origin story as Rainbow leader “John Clark” played out in Without Remorse. The films are set in Amazon’s Jack Ryan universe with Jodie Turner-Smith‘s Lt. Commander Karen Greer serving as the connective tissue between the two franchises.

While Without Remorse was picked up by Amazon Prime has a result of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic’s impact on theatrical releases, Paramount hopes to land Rainbow Six in theaters. The novel followed Clark’s Rainbow group as the uncoverd a massive conspiracy, codenamed “The Project”, which is desinged to decimate the human race.

Source: THR

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