RUMOR: Netflix’s Live-Action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Eyeing a Summer Release

avatar the last airbender live action

Rumors are a staple of the entertainment industry, especially in the variety of how much or even how little can make the rounds in regard to future releases. Marvel and DC have commonly become the main focus for many rumors due to just how much is involved with these massive and ambitious projects, but it seems that a new project has potentially become the focus of a new rumor.

Netflix has been hoping to establish its new Stranger Things with a variety of projects. Wednesday may have already helped fill the void alongside all the cancelations of projects that could’ve grown to that status. Still, they’ve put a lot of money into bringing two iconic franchises to live-action, One Piece, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Surprisingly, the latter started production long before the manga adaptation, yet we’ve seen nothing so far.

While we’re still waiting for any sign of life on the project, leaker @MyTimeToShineH has taken to Twitter and shared a rather curious bit of information. They have hinted that the series is eyeing a summer release on Netflix. Of course, there’s no actual release date and who knows how far along the series is that it can hit that time window.

There’s also the question of what that might mean for One Piece, as they’d release two of their biggest projects init he same year. They’ll likely want to space them out to avoid any overlap so that they can dominate viewership for as long as possible. If that series was able to showcase some set photos earlier and also relies on a few less special effects work due to no elemental bending being involved, perhaps that series will see an earlier release.

It’s still a rumor for now, but it’s at least something and gives us a potential time window to keep an eye out for. Avatar: The Last Airbender is an ambitious adaptation, especially with the reputation the initial adaptation had from M. Night Shyamalan. Plus, the lack of any promotion does leave some questions on if we’ll see another one-month promotion for a series they hope to take the world by storm. If we get a trailer or tease in the next few months, the summer release seems more realistic.

Source: Twitter

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