New Leak Reveals Battle Pass for Rocksteady’s ‘Suicide Squad’

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Marvel’s Avengers has left a bitter taste with players, as its release was quite messy and there were some concerns about the general trend of superhero properties exploring Games-as-a-Service offerings. Even Gotham Knights seemed to struggle with its multiplayer focus and the attempt at expanding the franchise with its long-term multiplayer offerings. Now, the next superhero release from Rocksteady is seemingly heading down a similar rocky road.

An image leaked for the upcoming game Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League has revealed a rather curious aspect of the game. The image shared by @Mr_Rebs that was seemingly making the rounds on 4Chan reveals that the game will have a Battle Pass. It’s also our first look at a very simple UI structure for a game promising a colorful exploration of the DC Universe.

For those that might not be too familiar with the concept, it’s a type of functionality that recently created a controversy surrounding the release of Overwatch 2. Instead of letting players use the in-universe currency to unlock skins, you have to pay to have access to a list that only unlocks depending on how well you play.

There’s no word if this game was meant to be a GaaS game, as the wording has been avoided quite a bit. But the inclusion of a Game Pass opens that discussion once again, especially if this means we’ll get more content or characters in the future. There is a “Game Mode” inclusion which hints at some multiplayer offerings but there’s still so little we know about the project. The leaked image has been confirmed and we’re left with a few questions until an official statement follows from Rocksteady.

Source: Twitter

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