‘The Marvels’ Drops by 78% as ‘The Hunger Games’ Prequel Underperforms

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It’s not looking great for the fall line-up so far. All eyes will be on The Marvels’ historic drop, which pulled in 10.2M over its second weekend. That makes a 78% drop and the highest for any Hollywood superhero film to date. That is saying a lot considering just how bad this year has been. There was hope that it might hold a bit stronger given its core audience shifted with this project, but the two new releases might’ve hurt it more than expected.

Even with decent word-of-mouth, The Marvels had a core audience with more female and younger audiences, who showed up for two other releases this weekend. The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was released to a tepid B+ CinemaScore and had the lowest opening for the franchise. It’s even far lower than the initial predictions at $44M after being expected with around $55M to even going beyond $60M earlier this week.

That film skewed heavily toward females, an audience with a bigger affinity for the latest MCU release. Even Trolls Band Together with an A CinemaScore pulled in around $30.6M which is lower than the first release and isn’t breaking initial predictions. It stands at a strong $76.3M in international markets, which gives it a good boost as well.

The Marvel‘s global is doing alright with it pulling in $19.5M and standing at $96.3M. It’s currently at $161.3M and the question will be where it lands moving forward. As of now, it might not break $100M domestically and depending on its third weekend could fall short of hitting $200M worldwide. If it does see a bit of a boost, it might make it a bit lower than The Flash earlier this year.

It should be pointed out that The Marvels‘ drop is only slightly higher than that of Five Nights at Freddy’s not too long ago, which dropped 76% in its second weekend. That film even had an A- CinemaScore and perhaps we’ll see something similar happen to The Hunger Games next weekend. That Cost of Living Crisis is showing its fangs before the holiday season and we’ll see if any other releases in the coming month or so will manage to make up for it.

Source: THR

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