‘THE SUICIDE SQUAD’: Who is Blackguard?

With the roster for James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad stacked with wildly disparate and relatively unknown DC Comics villains, we thought it would be great to get to know each of them in 400 words or less. Don’t get too attached after reading though, because there’s a good bet most of them won’t be around for the sequel! It’s time to meet and greet the members of Task Force X!


Blackguard a.k.a. Richard Hertz was a small-time thug until he was outfitted by The 1,000. His new armor gave him the ability to generate a mace and shield out of pure energy. They bestowed it upon him to steal satellite technology from S.T.A.R. Labs but he ran into Booster Gold. After some bad feedback from his employers, they decided to execute him. He managed to escape before being beaten by Booster Gold’s sidekick, Skeet. He would later end up making a deal with the demon lord Neron. This made him a bit smarter and was tasked with taking over Guy Gardner’s superhero bar. As one can assume, he ended up in prison.

He was briefly reformed and even opened his own bar Dark Side. After exchanging letters with his former enemy, Guy joined in as his partner. Sadly, he fell back to a life of crime and got arrested once again. There, Amanda Waller got her hands on him for a slash-and-burn mission. He was stationed alongside Marauder, White Dragon and General. During a fight, he got beheaded by his former ally General. So far, he hasn’t returned since.


Many might recognize Pete Davidson for his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Just recently he had the starring role in the comedy-drama The King of Staten Island and voiced Jerry Eagle in The Angry Birds Movie 2.

While in the comics Blackguard is known for wielding a mace, his outfit and logo imply guns are his a primary weapon. Hopefully, he might still pull out his energy weapons as a last ditch effort. AS the character is quite obscure, director James Gunn might have taken quite a bit of liberty with the character.

Murphy’s Multiverse Dead Pool Predictions


Predicted Chances of Survival: 0%

Predicted Manner of Death: going by his comic origins, I see betrayal in his future.

RIP Blackguard


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