FanDome: Two-Part ‘Batman: the Long Halloween’ Animated Film In Development

Just yesterday, we got our first look at the upcoming The Batman. Well, looks like that wasn’t the only Batman-centric news we were going to get out of DC FanDome. In an IGN exclusive panel for the animated film Superman: Man of Tomorrow it was revealed that four DC Universe animated films are slated for 2021 These include the already revealed Batman: Soul of Dragon and an original story titled Justice Society: World War II.

With all this news, there is actaully one larger reveal. The iconic Batman mini-series The Long Halloween will be adapted as a two-part animated feature. The first part is slated to release next summer with the final part slated for Fall 2022. This will be the first adaptation of the 13-issue comic run that explored the story of Batman hunting down the Holiday Killer. It also isn’t the first time they’ve adapted an iconic Batman mini-series in two-parts. Last time they did this, it was the The Dark Knight Returns adaptation.

The Long Halloween story is also considered to be a big inspiration for Matt Reeves upcoming film. It will be interesting to see how they adapt this story. Hopefully they won’t add anything like they did with The Killing Joke. Also, the comic run had a very unique style that made the noir-inspired story stand out. It isn’t something that can be easily replicated and brought to life through animation. There is a chance they might streamline it to some degree. I am curious how they will approach this project and will keep an eye for that first trailer next year.

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