‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Fatigues to 200M+ Views Within 24 Hours

thor love and thunder views

Marvel Studios has fatigued its way to another winner, as Thor: Love and Thunder managed to pull in 209M views within just 24 hours. That is quite an impressive accomplishment considering this is the fourth entry in the Thor franchise with only the two latest Avenger films and Spider-Man: No Way Home ahead of it. It was already quite impressive when No Way Home pulled in the most viewers within recording time with 355.5M while Avengers: Endgame stood at 289M.

The last pre-pandemic film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, managed to pull in a billion at the box office with around 135M views within the first 24-hours. So, Love and Thunder is going in strong, especially with how late the trailer was released when compared to other titles. The film holds the record for the shortest time between the initial teaser trailer release and its eventual premiere in theaters, which will be in July.

Thor exercising to get back into shape after Endgame is a great touch as the showcase of this record. The fact the trailer took as long as it did to release might’ve played a key factor in its success, as many were questioning if it might arrive at all. Plus, the arrival of Mighty Thor was also something that pulled people’s attention in, as many were excited to find out just how we might meet her and the various merchandise built up quite a bit of momentum. Who knows how strong the pull might be once we get our first look at Christian Bale‘s Gorr the God Butcher.

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