‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer Features Some MAJOR Cosmic Entities, Including the Watcher

We know that Thor: Love and Thunder will see Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher on a mission to end all the gods. You’d think that kind of mission would catch the attention of some pretty powerful beings, and as it turns out, a scene from the new trailer hints at the potential inclusion of some of Marvel’s major Cosmic entities

While we can’t be sure exactly WHERE Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is in the scene below, we sure can identify the busts in that location.

Mistress Death, Eon and Infinity look to line the wall to the left of the shot, while Uatu the Watcher and the Living Tribunal, who has made quite a few brief appearances in the MCU as of late, line the right.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is some sort of meeting area for the major Cosmic entities and if Jane goes there for help, or if this is some sort of elaborate trophy room for Gorr. We may well have to wait until July 8th to find out!

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