‘Bob’s Burgers’ Director Explains Pandemic’s Impact On Movie

Bob’s Burgers, the incredibly popular animated sitcom that began it’s run all the way back in 2011, has yet to show any signs of slowing down. Next up on it’s long list of accomplishments will be a theatrical installment, The Bob’s Burgers Movie, set to release later this month. Franchise creator Loren Bouchard wrote and co-directed the film based on a story he devised way back in 2018, before the movie’s release was delayed multiple times by the global COVID-19 pandemic. With all that’s happened in the world since then, it seems impossible that the script for The Bob’s Burgers Movie would still be exactly the same as it was when Bouchard turned in his original draft.

During a recent press conference promoting the project, Bouchard addressed just how much of the script was tweaked in the four years between conception and the film’s release. His answer revealed The Bob’s Burgers Movie actually never stopped changing:

We worked on this movie until just, it feels like last week.  We were determined to take every moment they gave us and keep working on it.  So yeah, it changed.  It wasn’t like it drastically changed, it was more like any time we had, we were excited to take advantage of. Tweak jokes, change, you know, picture, fool around with thesound.  It was not just the script, just everything was in our hands until they tore it from our little fingers.

Loren Bouchard

One perk of animated shows such as Bob’s Burgers is a moving timeline that allows for freedom in storytelling. One might assume the story of the film would have to be altered dramatically to accommodate whatever was happening in the show, which continued to be produced throughout the pandemic. Luckily, animated worlds don’t necessarily have to play by realistic rules. The pandemic did, however, provide the creative team time to improve upon jokes and the film’s visual appeal. Bouchard’s answer is sure to make fans wonder what bits would and wouldn’t have made the cut had the film released as originally intended.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie hits theaters on May 27th.

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