Deborah Chow Played John Williams ‘Star Wars’ Score While Filming ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’

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There’s something iconic about John Williams‘s score. No matter when you hear it, you instantly can connect it to Star Wars. Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s marketing team knew that as the moment they played Duel of the Fates in the teaser trailer, they knew what kind of emotions it would awaken.

While talking about making the lightsaber during action sequences in the Disney+ series’ press conference, Deborah Chow revealed that they couldn’t tell if the cast was doing them as they were playing music while filming. Not just any music as they were using John Williams‘ iconic scores to put the actors in the right mind, as Moses Ingram reveals how it felt hearing the music while simply stepping off a ship.

And it was sick, too. Because we’d be like stepping off the ship or doing something else and the music would swell. And you’re just like feeling like you’re 10 feet tall. It’s very, very cool.

Moses Ingram

Chow highlights that this was their intention to use the music that’s become synonymous with the franchise to bring the actors to feel what it means to be part of this franchise.

Yeah, that was the big reason we did it, because there’s the music obviously brings the emotional component. And what John Williams has done has been so inextricably tied, it is Star Wars. so, if we put it on, all of a sudden, I see Moses go like two inches taller and everybody responds to it.

Deborah Chow

The franchise wouldn’t be the same without William’s score and it definitely left its imprint on many. The inclusion during filming is a great way to convey the emotions it brings to life and there’s something special about the soundtrack of the Prequel trilogy. The most exciting aspect is to also hear the return of this soundtrack once the Disney+ series premieres this Friday.

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