Netflix Kills ‘Blockbuster’….Again

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You’d think Netflix would be tired of doing the same thing over and over again, but another series has sadly been scrapped by the streamer. Ironically, it’s the new comedy starring Melissa Fumero and Randall Park as two employees in the last living Blockbuster. Sadly, it seems the new comedy hasn’t quite found its audience and burned out even with a 10-episode release that used the usually popular workplace comedy concept in a familiar setting.

though, it’s not all too surprising given that the new series hasn’t even broken into the Top 10 rankings in the United States. We don’t have a full transparency on how exactly Netflix decides what is and isn’t allowed to live on but they tend to keep a close eye on who positions where. The addition of that feature has given us a surprising insight into what has a decent chance of avoiding Netflix’s popular chopping block.

Blockbuster also wasn’t quite the critical darling either, even with Vanessa Ramos as its showrunner. There’s a hilarious aspect about Netflix canceling a show about the Blockbuster store, as they were one of the major reasons that chain went down to begin with. Once you could conveniently watch your favorite programming from your couch, there was no real need to go back to rental stores. In some regard, perhaps the internet hoped that it might fail so that we could just pull the joke of Netflix killing Blockbuster for a second time.

Source: Variety

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