New ‘Secret Invasion’ Set Photo Reveals An Avenging Presence in the Streaming Series

The Marvel Studios streaming series Secret Invasion continues production overseas ahead of what’s becoming an increasingly likely 2023 debut on Disney Plus and, to date, details about the series have remained…a secret.

Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn are heading up the series and are joined by Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Kingsley Ben-Adir. Set photos and videos haven’t revealed much in the way of the series’ plot or who is playing whom, but a new set photo does reveal that at least one Avenger will be making an appearance in the streamer.

It looks as though Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes will be making an appearance in Secret Invasion. As revealed in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Rhodes is still an active member of the Air Force as of 2024. The set photo, which comes from IG user The_Insta_Phils, shows Rhodes on an in-universe newspaper with, presumably, American President Ritson. The newspaper also hints at some political tensions that’ll come into play in the series, as President Ritson is headed to the UK for “an emergency summit amid unprecedented tensions.” What info has leaked out about the series describes it as involving “political paranoia” involving spies, like Clarke’s yet-to-be-revealed character. Given the involvement of Skrulls, like Ben-Adir’s character, it’s no surprise that they’ll have found a way to pit the governments of the world against one another.

What role, if any, Cheadle’s Rhodey will have in the series is completely unknown. It’s possible the photo in the newspaper is the character’s only appearance and we wont’ see Rhodes at all. Of course, it’s also possible that Rhodes isn’t Rhodes at all and a Skrull-simmed Rhodes could be sewing all kinds of discord using his political pull. That, after all, is what Secret Invasion is all about. Who do you trust?

Source: Instagram

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