New Batch of ‘One Piece’ Set Photos Teases Luffy’s Flashback

A new batch of ‘One Piece’ set photos from Netflix’s live-action adaptation tease Luffy’s origin story in the series.
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We’ve long wondered how the live-action adaptation of One Piece is tackling in its adaptation of the original manga. When production started, not much was known with Nami actress Emily Rudd being the first to join the production. Now, a slew of new set photos is finding their way online featuring the Marines and even our first look at Shank’s ship, the Red Force. The latest addition of flashbacks may hint that they are currently preparing to film the flashback to Luffy’s childhood.

@OP_Netflix_Fan has shared a new batch of set photos that tease various windmills in the background. Now, fans of the original manga will instantly recognize it as the small village known as Foosha Village – better known for the West as Windmill Village. It’s part of the Goa Kingdom and was first introduced in the Romance Dawn arc when we first meet Luffy and Shanks.

It’s further proof that they might be tackling his origin story next. As we’ve seen Alvida’s ship, the series isn’t shooting everything in order but they don’t have to restrict themselves to a specific order. So, the origin could be explored in a second or third episode. Hopefully, it doesn’t closely follow Netflix’s conventions of having an entire episode that mainly focuses on flashbacks ahead of the finale.

What’s uncertain is if the series might take inspiration from the Post-War arc and also include references to the Goa Kingdom, or even Sabo and Ace. For now, it’s quite fun to speculate even if there’s still some time until the series will probably release on Netflix. Still, these set photos are quite promising and it will be great to see how they bring this series to life.

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