Tom Holland’s ‘Spidey 4’ Likely to Land in 2025 as Sony Adds Two New Dates to the Marvel Slate

spiderman 4

A litlte older and a little wiser, Tom Holland is no longer the spoiler sieve he once was. On the contrary, Holland has recently taken up the torch so proudly carried by multitudes of Marvel Studios actors and actresses before him and begun to pretend he simply has no idea what’s going on. So while Kevin Fiege has already assured fans there will be a Spider-Man 4, Holland waxes hypothetical about the possibility that it just might not come together. Thankfully for fans, Sony seems to have finally taken a firm step in the production of the film.

According to Deadline, Sony has added two new dates to its slate of Marvel films November 8, 2024 and June 27th, 2025. While not confirmed, it is very likely that the June 2025 date has been reserved for the fourth entry in Holland’s Spider-Man franchise. Additionally, given what’s known about the production timeline of Venom 3, or V3NOM, probably, the new 2024 date almost has certainly been set aside for that film.

Interestingly enough, the move into June 2025 comes just a few days after Marvel Studios seemingly abandoned two previously reserved dates in 2025 amid a flurry of moves to their upcoming slate. It is worth noting, however, that whatever Sony Marvel film hits theaters on June 27th, 2025 will go head to head with Dwayne Johnson‘s live-action Moana reimagining. If this new date is being set aside for Spider-Man 4, it’ll be worth watching who flinches first in terms of moving out of that late June date.

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