RUMOR: ‘Silent Hill 2’ Remake Eyeing a September 2023 Release

silent hill 2 remake release

We’ve had some big reveals throughout the gaming summer. Quite a few major remakes are heading our way with Metal Gear Solid Detal: Snake Eater, Persona 3 Reload, and more. Yet, there was a noticeable lack of a confirmed remake of Silent Hill 2 by production studio Bloober Team. There have been quite a few questions surrounding the production since the first reveal trailer and their promise to only update the fighting system. Now, a new rumor might have given us our first hint at the game’s release date.

Pre-order listings by the Australian retailer Gorilla Gaming may have given away that Bloober Team is hoping to release the game at some point later this year. It includes a listing that states the game will release on the 29th of September, which would perfectly position it before the month of Halloween; a popular release window for horror games.

Of course, there’s always a chance they have simply just added a release date as a placeholder. They may have guessed that they’d release before October given the popularity of the release window, but it’s definitely interesting that the listing exists to begin with as they usually get some details ahead of reveals. Yet, we don’t know when we can expect the next showcase of the game, as there hasn’t been much development and Summer of Gaming is wrapping up.

There’s also the Silent Hill sequel film that is supposedly releasing at some point this year. We haven’t heard anything on it since the confirmation as part of the big Silent Hill showcase. They may just drop a trailer randomly to hype up when we can expect the release, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they release the horror film around the same time as the game to make good use of the synergy.

Source: GameRant

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