‘Moon Knight’ is Most In-Demand Show, as Marvel Studios Influence on Disney+ Subscriber Growth Slows

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New data offers new opportunities, as Business Insider has shared some more analysis of how exactly the Disney+ series are performing. They provided data by Parrot Analytics that showcases how the various Disney+ shows from Marvel Studios have rather similar developments. They are massive hits for the service, yet have one curious flaw. The Marvel projects aren’t drawing in new fans to further boost the subscriber base even if Moon Knight is the most in-demand series currently.

They share an overview that seemingly hints at the overall demand, but the takeaway is that the service is having issues bringing in new subscribers even if current ones are quite happy with the offering. The Direct questions if perhaps the streaming service may have potentially reached its high point when it comes to subscriber growth yet it may also be a bit more complicated than that. Moon Knight is ahead of Loki and Hawkeye 25 days after its debut but trailing behind WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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While Marvel’s offerings do have diversity in genre, they are still technically connected through the overarching brand, the main focus of Disney+. Most of their focus is on branding over individuality, which might be one of the issues they are facing. Subscriptions services like Netflix can offer more varied series and films due to them not having strong IPs, to begin with. The family-friendly focus also became a crux due to limiting its audience potential but is on a path to potentially grow with their new adult-focused content such as the Netflix Marvel series.

It also becomes clearer if we look back at data from November of 2021. At the time, Marvel was responsible for 60% of its subscription base. So, it’s no wonder that most of the current subscribers are going to focus on those series and the growth might stagnate slightly. Disney+ will likely focus on diversifying its portfolio while also making sure they keep its current subscribers with the help of the Marvel projects. The data provided is by a third party, which also might not fully reflect subscriber growth due to Disney focusing on a different metric. SambaTV analysis shares some different perspectives, which adds to the issue of how true this data is. For now, it just offers a foggy window rather than a clear view.

Source: Business Insider, The Direct

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