‘Silent Hill 2 Remake’ Developers Promise a Faithful Revival But Tease One Major Overhaul

silent hill 2 remake

While there was a lot of excitement with the return of Silent Hill as a gaming franchise, there still were some reservations about some of the reveals. Most notably, Bloober Team hasn’t had the biggest track record with people that felt like most of their games oversold their promise of horror, and there were accusations of them mainly stealing most of their elements from others. So, them working on a remake of Silent Hill 2 had left many with some concerns.

Luckily, it seems that Bloober Team wants to ensure that they are staying true to the original game; hoping to ease some concerns of modern elements taking away from the psychological horror that defined the franchise. DreadXP had the chance to sit down with Anna Jasińska who shared some insight into the upcoming adaptation.

The idea of working on this project stalked us for many years, and in 2019, we received an invitation from Konami to participate in the Tokyo Games Show. To our delight, Konami asked us to prepare a concept for a remake of the original game’s second installment in exchange for the opportunity of bringing the concept to life.

Anna Jasińska

She shared that their concept “stole Konami’s heart” and led to them getting the sign off on remaking Silent Hill 2. She goes on to highlight that they are “bringing the distinct, visceral atmosphere back” and staying true to what made the original what it is today.

We are focusing on bringing the distinct, visceral atmosphere back in the modernized SILENT HILL 2. Longtime fans shouldn’t worry about us “missing the point” while we’re livening up the title. We faithfully stick to the traditional story canon while remaking the gameplay and updating the graphics from the ground up.

Anna Jasińska

Jasińska does point out that they are updating one element from the original and that is its combat system. We saw glimpses of a more modernized take on a third-person horror game but no distinction on how that’ll be brought to life. Tank controls in the original added to the atmosphere and the clumsy combat was part of its charm, but certainly wouldn’t still work in a modern take.

These are the reasons why Konami entrusted us with the remake in the first place. A big visible change is the adoption of an over-the-shoulder camera, which altered the perspective of a few iconic set pieces, but also meant an overhaul to the combat system. The latest technological achievements do wonder when it comes to making the visuals pop.

Anna Jasińska

Sadly, they wouldn’t go into any more details such as if they’d adapt the infamous kitchen scene, but for now, it seems like the remake is in good hands. We’re still waiting for a release date on the remake and a follow-up trailer showcasing the new combat system, but

Source: DreadXP

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