‘Deadpool’ Director Taking Over Additional Photography For Eli Roth’s ‘Borderlands’

borderlands director

Here’s a curious story, as it seems that Deadpool and Terminator: Dark Fate director Tim Miller is joining the production of Borderlands. He will oversee the reshoots of the production as first reported by One Take News. They do go on to highlight that the original director Eli Roth is still involved with the project and has not been fired yet. It seems that his schedule has not lined up with that of the various actors required for the reshoots.

As such, Tim Miller is simply joining the production with the blessing of Roth to supervise the reshoots necessary to finalize the project. He supposedly has also seen the rough cut of Borderlands. Eli Roth is currently busy working on the film Thanksgiving which was inspired by a mock trailer from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez‘s Grindhouse film. So, those reading the headline expecting another version of what happened to the Justice League film can know that this isn’t a situation where studio interferences led to the director taking over.

Still, we still have seen rather little of the Borderlands film. We got some teases here and there, but the film promises a star-studded cast that consists of Cate Blanchett, Edgar Ramirez, Kevin Hart, Ariana Greenblatt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black, and more. If Miller has Roth’s blessing, it doesn’t seem like he’ll add anything to change the style that the director used to bring this iconic gaming franchise to life, but it’ll be interesting to see what parts they added through reshoots.

Source: One Take News, Deadline

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