Latino Led ‘Wonder Girl’ Series In the Works at CW

With Arrow out the door and Supergirl soon to follow, the ranks of the Arrowverse seemingly began to dwindle. With the arrival of Superman and Lois and the recent announcement of the Painkiller series, which starts through a backdoor pilot on Black Lightning, it seems the CW’s world of heroes won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Another hero will be joining the ranks of the CW with the announcement of Wonder Girl. This announcement will mark the first Latino superhero title for DC’s TV expansion.

The show will follow Yara Flor, the daughter of an Amazon warrior and a Brazilian River Goddess. The series is helmed by Dailyn Rodriguez, who is working alongside Greg Berlanti. She has recently been co-running Queen of the South for two seasons. It will become another show under the expansive umbrella of Berlanti Productions, joining shows like TitansDoom PatrolLegends of TomorrowBlack Lightning, and The Flash.

Yara Flor has yet to make her debut in comics but is set to debut in the upcoming DC Future State event. Flor has been the breakout character since the announcement, as she drummed up a lot of attention. Many fans were already excited to find out her origins just based on her initial designs and reveal. She will also be the focus of her own comic series written by Joëlle Jones. The character’s popularity to get a show before her comic debut is quite the move by DC and CW. It just proves how strong a concept can be, especially as it will help cement the character in the public concious before her debut.

Source: Variety

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