Council of Lokis: The True Founders of the TVA

Disney+ will be the home for many new shows taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The shows will introduce a variety of characters, but some mainstays are also finally getting the franchise they deserve. Among them, the popular villain Loki will be part of his very own series. Not just any version of the character but one version that escaped after getting his hands on the Cosmic Cube. During the events of Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark, and Ant-Man were supposed to steal it. Yet, it ended up falling into Loki’s hands, who swiftly uses the chance to disappear before the events of the original film could take place.

Now, his disappearance creates a brand new branch in the franchise’s timeline and will take center-stage in the Disney+ series. We even got a teaser that revealed that he’ll get involved with the Time Variance Authority, or TVA. Not too long after, we heard rumors of different versions of the God of Mischief appearing throughout the series. There was even evidence that we would at least see a variation of Kid Loki in the series. Some even believed we got a glimpse of Lady Loki through some set photos, as she has a similar outfit to that of the iconic character. The casting of Robert E. Grant could also be connected, as IMDb has now listed his stunt actor Dave Cutler as “Classic Loki”.



How does this all connect to the TVA? Well, the organization has a long history in Marvel comics, but not much is known about its foundation. The casting of Kang for Ant-Man 3 long before the film even enters production could tease his appearance in earlier production. Well, if the conquerer beyond the limits of time is going to show up anywhere, it would be a show featuring the TVA. It wouldn’t be too surprising that he is the founder of the organization, but there is a good chance he isn’t alone. In the comics and even on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, we got introduced to the Council of Kang. These are different iterations from across the multiverse that consulted each other.

Prime Kang led the council in the comics, who eventually would become Immortus. There was the rumor that Grant would potentially play that character. Now, some hints might be pointing to him being Classic Loki. Now that I think about it, Classic could also be the MCU version of Prime. Yet, it isn’t connected to Kang but rather Loki. It looks like we might have a Council of Lokis as part of the series. It wouldn’t be too surprising if Classic Loki might be a founder of the TVA. Now that the character is displaced from time, we could see his travel through time and space end up as the founder.

He could be stuck in a time loop that got created due to the Avengers playing with time. Now, an older version of the character hopes to find a way to break the loop and is using other versions throughout time to solve it. Maybe he even is a version we know very well from his long history from the Earth-616. Perhaps this also inspired Kang to seek out others of his kind throughout the multiverse, as he realizes the damage they have done and sets out to do what Loki couldn’t. Erase the reason their part of the multiverse is lost in time.

Source: Comic Book, IMDb

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