How ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Sets-Up The Franchise’s Future

Finally, after two years, we got a sequel to Insomniac’s Spider-Man. Just as the PlayStation 5 has released, Spider-Man: Miles Morales kicked off the next-generation of gaming. The story takes place a year after Peter managed to take down his former mentor. Now, he is leaving the city in the hands of his protegé, who just moved to Harlem. His mother is running for City Council while the Roxxon Energy Corporation is in the middle of a gang war with the new-found Underground army. Their leader, only known as the Tinkerer, has outfitted them with high-tech weaponry that could shake Miles’ new home to its very core. It all offers Miles a unique story while Peter is away in Sokovia with Mary Jane. Now, the question remains of how they will tackle the existence of two Spider-Men in a future sequel.



Miles Morales is a spin-off from the original. So, the story is quite a bit shorter than and on a smaller scale. Yes, Harlem is at risk, but he luckily didn’t have to stop a virus from spreading throughout the entire city. Now that his story is done, Peter is back in town. The post-game does hint at them taking rounds patrolling, which could be an indication of how they tackle the next main installment. We have no date or title for the next Spider-Man entry, but there is a good chance it’ll release in the next two years. Now that Miles has been introduced, we will be switching between the characters throughout the expanding story. There is also a chance we could see inspiration from Batman: Arkham Knight, where you could switch between the characters mid-battle. So, if you are facing an enemy type that is only vulnerable to a venom-based attack, you need to take control of Miles. Also, does that mean they might call it Spider-Men?

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how they balance both characters in the game. We will probably have another threat that will affect the entirety of New York City. Osborn seems prone to create something that has some devastating results. I did start wondering if we might see more characters getting added throughout the story. The addition of Miles was a great surprise during the 2018 game, and there is quite an extensive cast from the comics left to explore. They could add characters like Silk or Spider-Woman, who can bring their unique skills to the game alongside Mary Jane’s stealth sections. They might try to add some more variation as the game once again returns to Peter Parker.



In general, I do think we’ll see more spider-based characters added to the franchise as it grows. I wouldn’t even rule out that they go down the Spider-Verse route to give people fan-favorite characters, like Gwen Stacy. Now, the advantage is that they can continuously add spin-offs for these newly introduced characters to keep the franchise going. For example, we could get a game focused on Gwen Stacy that tells the story of the events before she would somehow end up in 2018’s universe. Insomniac could add a unique art style to the city similar to that of the comics and what was briefly shown in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The advantage is that as they add new spider-based characters, you can switch between them in the main franchise. So, their work for the spin-offs also influences the mainline development. There is a reason Sony wants to create an entire film franchise aroudn the web-crawler and the games could make that a reality. My only question is, where can I sign up for an Agent Venom spin-off?

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