‘WandaVision’: An Error in Reality

As WandaVision has proven time and time again, sometimes, things are not always as they seem. Even outside of Westview. Over the course of Marvel Studios’ hit show, we’ve seen a number of things that seem to be out of place here and there. An American sitcom through the ages starring two Avengers. Two characters that somehow have been revived, one of them bring in the wrong face from possibly another universe. People with suppressed personalities and Wanda inside everyone’s head. As Vision would say, it seems that something is clearly very wrong inside of Westview. But that doesn’t exclude the outside world as well. Recently a small mistake was pointed out to our fellow contributor Lizzie Hill by Twitter user @Cameron16549707.

The image and tweet refer to Episode 5 of WandaVision; “On A Very Special Episode…”. The detail mentioned by this fan truly is interesting. When we go to analyze the scene, as we can observe below, for just a split second, we can see Dottie’s name on the S.W.O.R.D. document in the Alias section.



In the next shot, when Monica pulls back out, we can see the information written on it and we can notice very blurrily Dottie’s name and the checkmark for the Sex on “Female”, which corroborates that the sheet does indeed belong to Dottie (or at least, it’s what was intended). What makes this all the odder is that the image of the person on Dottie’s sheet is Dennis the Mailman, not Dottie per see.


Why this is important


The devil is always in the details and that certainly includes Marvel Studios. Now, let me just shoot down those Dennis is secretly Dottie theories because I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. This certainly seems to be a case of Marvel Studios making a small mistake, hoping fans might not notice, and it’s almost certainly what was going to happen. It’s been nearly a week since Episode 5 aired on Disney+ and no one seemed to notice until very recently but it makes it all the more interesting.

If anything, it convinces me even more that Dottie may have a much larger role to play in this show than we previously thought. If we analyze Dottie’s sheet for a second, she doesn’t have a legal name, similar to how Agnes doesn’t have one either, and the fact that Marvel Studios went out of their way to CGI Dennis’ image and ID onto the sheet so fans wouldn’t notice makes Dottie’s role in WandaVision all the more mysterious and intriguing. I had previously hypothesized that Dottie may have actually been the sorceress known as Arcanna Jones, given that her husband in the show was known as Phil Jones, a character that already has some history in the comics. But given that Phil Jones was just his alias and that he’s actually Harold Proctor, that theory may have been washed away. Nonetheless, I still believe that Dottie may still serve this series as a sort of antagonist to Wanda who has yet to reveal herself. Who she might be whoever, remains to be seen.

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