‘Hawkeye’ From Page to Screen: Episode 1

How Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye adapted select sequences from the Matt Fraction and David Aja Hawkeye comic run.
hawkeye episode 1

It’s no secret that live-action comic book adaptations consistently get their inspiration from, you know, comics. But Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye series has made it abundantly clear that Matt Fraction and David Aja’s critically-acclaimed and beloved Hawkeye run may very well be the genetic makeup of the Disney+ series. Each week, we’re going to highlight scenes from the Hawkeye comic that made their way into the live-action Hawkeye

In the comics, Hawkeye #1 introduced Lucky the Pizza Dog at the very beginning of the run, but his origin with Clint Barton is much more involved and dramatic than in the first episode of Hawkeye. Lucky was owned by the Tracksuit Mafia. Clint feeds Lucky – ironically known at the time as “Arrow” – a slice of pizza. As a result, he later protects Clint from the Mafia by turning against them. After they beat him, the poor dog darts into traffic to be saved at the last minute by Clint instead. Lucky barely survived, but our favorite archer takes the Pizza Dog to a veterinary hospital and keeps an eye on him throughout his surgeries and the loss of an eye. After that, the elder Hawkeye takes in and renames Lucky, who continued to enjoy pizza and befriends Kate. Aja‘s masterful art throughout adds to the intensity, peril, and ultimately relief of Lucky’s origin.

‘Hawkeye’ #1 (2012)
‘Hawkeye’ #1 (2012)
‘Hawkeye’ #1 (2012)
‘Hawkeye’ #1 (2012)

Like the comics, the very first episode of the series introduces the already-fan-favorite furry friend. In the show, however, Kate Bishop is the one who comes across Lucky. She finds the already one-eyed puppy standing outside the gala she was attending. After this, the episode takes strong cues from Fraction and Aja. He runs off behind the hotel and attacks members of the Tracksuit Mafia who were breaking into the hotel’s cellar. Fleeing the Mafia, Lucky runs away into a crowded street and is rescued from oncoming traffic at the last minute by Kate. She decides to bring him to her apartment and offers him the only food she has around: pizza. There’s no doubt that Lucky’s origin here is lighter and lacks the depth of the original, particularly since he avoids the violent attack from the Mafia. Still, it’s interesting that live-action Lucky has already lost an eye and seems to maybe have some connection with the Mafia. Perhaps some of his classic origins is embedded in his history in the show.

Marvel Studios’ ‘Hawkeye’ Episode 1
Marvel Studios’ ‘Hawkeye’ Episode 1

The comic run has plenty more Lucky adventures, including an entire issue dedicated to the Pizza Dog’s point of view. Time will tell how the live-action Hawkeye explores the fluffy favorite in more detail, especially with how he seems focused on the item that the Tracksuit Mafia were out to steal from the auction. Perhaps there’s more to this story we are about to uncover throughout the remaining episodes for Marvel Studios’ last Disney+ series of 2021.

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