‘WANDAVISION’ is Hexpanding

WandaVision keeps growing in scope with each passing episode. It’s Hexpanding, in a way. Episode 1, where we spent (practically) its entire runtime in “Sitcom Mode”, seems so far away as the show enters its third act firing on all cylinders. It took a while to get to the point where the state of affairs within the show became clear but with Episode 6 ending the way it did, we’ll have an entirely new status quo to look forward to next week. Big changes might be around the corner, changes that can help propel the show to new heights.

The Westview Anomaly grew in size and the S.W.O.R.D. team stationed outside not only wasn’t enough to contain it, but it also managed to get itself trapped within its newfound limits. Wanda was underestimated and the outside world will have to find some new weapons to counteract her Hex. Random armed soldiers won’t do the trick anymore and, being likely that several other New Jersey residents have been engulfed by the anomaly, the event is sure to have been noticed by at least a few of the remaining Avengers, with a special focus on those who are more in touch with such…magical things.

But not all new players might come from the outside. Inside the Hex there are new powers brewing. The twins have finally displayed (some of) their abilities and, keeping in mind how Wanda seems unable to control them at will, they certainly emerge as new players that inevitably might stand either in Wanda’s way or beside her, as she looks to maintain her (each passing day a bit less) fairytale life with Vision. Tommy and Billy, even at such a young age, would surely give whatever S.W.O.R.D. throws at them a run for its money.

Also inside the Hex, we will now find several characters that are now down the rabbit hole. Much like Monica, they might experience light moments of clarity, breaking Wanda’s grasp on them. But this time, especially in Darcy’s case, with an increased amount of knowledge about what is occurring, how it might be happening, and how it might be hindered if not terminated. Darcy has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics, and with the world inside the Hex moving into the 2000s she can probably find the tools that may allow her to fight Wanda’s powers from the inside.

Another new player might show up in the form of Monica’s Aerospace Engineer friend. We’ve already developed a theory on who that might be, but even if that doesn’t pan out, the build-up towards her arrival has been significant to the point that it most likely won’t be just a random character, but instead someone that matters in what the overall story is concerned.

A single episode has now managed to present us with an entirely new playing field. With new players coming into the game from all sides, old players finding themselves in new situations, players switching sides altogether, the power struggle has just begun, and it will be even more fierce than initially expected.


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