‘WANDAVISION’: 6 Reasons Why Monica Rambeau’s Phone-a-Friend is a Skrull

WandaVision‘s Episode 5 was, for many, the best one yet as the show seems to be kicking into high gear for the final half of the season. The last couple of episodes have finally started to shed some light on some of its initial mysteries, but the show also keeps raising new questions to leave unanswered. One of those came up on the last episode when Monica and Darcy discussed what it would take to assemble a vehicle that would allow them to enter the Westview Anomaly without being affected by it. Rambeau immediately says:

I know an aerospace engineer who’d be up for this challenge.

That obviously begs the question: Who might that be? We’ve all read the crazy possibilities that started to make their way through social media and elsewhere: Reed Richards; Victor Von Doom; The Blue Marvel; Hank McCoy; Abigail Brand; Riri Williams. But let’s get serious for a second: besides Riri Williams (who will be played by Dominique Thorne in the upcoming Disney+ series Ironheart) none of these other characters have been cast yet and there is no official word of when and where they might be eventually introduced into the MCU. At the same time, introducing almost any of them in an episode of WandaVision would only distract us from the focus of the story being told, as we would all get drawn to those characters that are bound to become franchise staples within the next decade.

So being, it would have to be someone a bit more lowkey, while being interesting enough so that the disclosure of the secret actually pays off. And in true MCU fashion (as WandaVision has been living proof of with Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy), if it happened to be someone we have already met in a past project, even better. Considering all of this, and a few more interesting facts we’ll get into ahead, the choice seemed logical: Talos’ daughter, the little girl that we met at the end of Captain Marvel.

Now why does that seem like the logical choice, you ask? Here’s why.

  • She was raised by space-traveling aliens, and the Skrulls are a  far more advanced race than ours. It would take someone with that kind of background to turn Darcy’s theory into a reality.
  • Monica clearly says that she knows the person in question. Making it seem that it’s more of a personal connection and not so much a professional one. As we saw in Captain Marvel, Monica bonded with her, in the scene on the staircase when she said “You guys have the best eyes. Don’t ever change your eyes.”. As Maria probably stayed in contact with Talos even after he left earth, Monica could have easily done the same with his daughter. 
  • We know both Talos and his wife Soren eventually made it back to Earth, it’s likely their daughter came back as well. 
  • She’s someone only Monica would know off, and by making their connection essential to the story you also highlight Monica’s role in the show.
  • When Monica mentions “An engineer..” the Spanish subtitles show us “Una ingeniera..”, meaning that whoever Monica is talking about is female.
  • Almost a year ago there were reports of a casting call out for a male aged 16-23 “A Skrull hiding on earth under the protection of SWORD.” This obviously isn’t Talos’ daughter’s character but it does make it clear that Skrulls will appear on the show, so her appearance may have added context. By making it clear in episode 4 that Maria Rambeau, Monica’s mother, built S.W.O.R.D. from the ground up, and knowing how Maria came into contact with Skrull refugees in Captain Marvel, it would be fair to assume that she got S.W.O.R.D. to help them out and that Monica would be aware of that situation. Even if other operatives, such as Director Tyler Hayward, didn’t. After all, secrecy would be paramount in such a situation.


All of this may end up being meaningless, but there sure are a lot of details hinting that this might be the person Monica refers to. Above all, it’s a simple enough answer that doesn’t need too much explanation, much in the way of how Marvel Studios usually does these things. Both characters have a natural connection, one we’ve already seen on screen, and it won’t leave people clamoring for answers on who is this person, how did they meet each other, or how does she know so much about these specific subjects. Being Talos’ daughter people will get it all immediately, advancing the story without having to waste time explaining what people already know.


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