Sony Eyeing Keanu Reeves for Unspecified Role in ‘KRAVEN THE HUNTER’

The Hunt Begins.

Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter. A fierce huntsman from Russia and one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes in his comic book history. He prides himself on the thrill of the hunt and is quite the honorable villain when compared to the rest of Spidey’s rogue gallery. By now, you might have heard that Sony Pictures is moving forward with the production of a solo spin-off film for the famed hunter, set in their own cinematic universe: Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (or SPUMC for short). J.C. Chandor was brought on to direct the film last August so now the question remains as to whom Sony might be considering for the role of the Russian antagonist. And it seems they’ve got their sights set on closing in with a certain boogeyman to fill his shoes.


That’s right. Keanu Reeves is apparently being eyed by Sony Pictures for a role in the film. The rumor comes from DeuxMoi’s Instagram story, seen here below. Unfortunately, there is no information about whether they are looking at Reeves for Kraven or another character.

At this point, it almost feels like a joke with people fan-casting nearly every character with either Keanu Reeves or Tom Holland, but picking Reeves for the role of Kraven the Hunter would be an interesting choice. We’ve already come to expect the type of range Keanu can provide in terms of his acting skills, and with his recent roles in the John Wick franchise, it seems that he might be quite the fit to play Sergei Kravinoff, should that be the role in question.

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