Marvel Studios ‘ETERNALS’: Who is Phastos?

With the Infinity Saga coming to a close, Marvel Studios is preparing to launch into an all-new, all-different era beginning with Phase 4. While several properties are going to serve as deeper dives into already established characters and worlds, Eternals is going to introduce new characters and change what we think we know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Eternals were born in the mind of Jack Kiby as Marvel Comics “ancient aliens”: beings of immense power who had protected Earth since the beginning of time. Over the course of history, the Eternals and their enemies, the Deviants, worked their way into the religions and mythologies of many cultures gods and monsters, angels and devils and heroes and villains. Marvel Studios will certainly put their own spin on the characters, but we can still take an opportunity to get to know them here…in 400 words or less!

The history of Marvel's Phastos explained

A master forger, inventor and tech genius,the nihilistic Phastos has developed weapons for the Eternals for the past 2,500 years or so, including the elegant and deadly blade of his fellow Eternal Kingo. His expertise as a weapons forger lead to him being confused for the Greek god Hephaestus. Like all Eternals, Phastos’ power suite gives him incredible strength and powers; however, unlike most of his fellow Terran Eternals, Phastos did not approve of going to war against the Eternals enemies, the Deviants. Spending much of his life searching for evidence that life has meaning, Phastos personal philosophy stands in stark contrast to the other Eternals.

All Of Marvel's Eternals Character Designs Revealed In Concept Art
Concept art of Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, fourth from left.

Phastos will be brought to life by Brian Tyree Henry and the MCU version of Phastos seems set to offer a very different take on the character. Rather than adapting the nihilistic version of the comics of the character, it seems that this version will have found someone who gives meaning to life as he has a husband and a child in Marvel Studios Eternals. It will be interesting to see if Phastos still holds the same pacifist views about war with the Deviants as well, despite his expertise in designing weapons.

Eternals is set to hit theaters February 12th, 2021.

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