‘WANDAVISION’ Episode 3 Primer

wandavision primer

The first two episodes of WandaVision covered a lot of ground. In episode one, Wanda and Vision got married, Wanda made a new friend, Agnes, Vision got a job at Computational Services inc. In the second episode, Wanda and Vision were making every effort to fit in. Vision went to a neighborhood watch meeting to be “one of the guys.” During that meeting, he swallowed a piece of gum and got all wacky. Meanwhile, Wanda went to a planning committee meeting where she first met Geraldine, played by Teyonah Parris, who we know was cast as Monica Rambeau. Wanda and Vision even won an award at the talent show. Dor most of the time, Wanda and Vision were living the American dream in Westview.

However, there were a lot of weird things in these two episodes. Even though Wanda and Vision’s life seems to be nice and easy, something isn’t right here. Almost Immediately it is obvious things aren’t quite right, such as when they can’t remember why there is a heart on the calendar. They are confused and can’t seem to remember a lot. When Agnes comes over to say hello to her new neighbors, Wanda can’t seem to answer any questions about her life. While at work, it’s obvious Vision doesn’t know what they do at his job. When Vision’s boss comes over for dinner, they can’t answer anything about themselves like when they were married, or where they moved from. At the end of the first episode, things got even weirder when we realized that their “show” was being observed by a S.W.O.R.D. agent.

WandaVision: What Is SWORD, Explained

The strangeness carries into episode two with the loud banging outside their bedroom. It continued when Wanda found a S.W.O.R.D. logo on a helicopter, which was in color when everything else was black and white, in the rosebushes of their house. When Wanda was at the committee meeting she stayed after to help Dottie clean up, during this time the radio started saying “Wanda, who is doing to you?!”. Whatever happened with the radio seemed to make Dottie snap out of some sort of trance. Finally, at the end of the second episode, when Wanda and Vision found out they were having a baby, they were interrupted by another loud bang. Outside they saw a man in a beekeeper suit with the S.W.O.R.D. logo and it was here things got even weirder when we saw Wanda “rewind” time. There are also those creepy commercials that have led fans to develop a lot of crazy theories. Both episodes gave plenty of hints that Wanda and Vision’s American dream might be more of an American nightmare.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

Teyonah Parris Is Ready to Introduce a 'Badass' Monica Rambeau in ' WandaVision' (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

Wanda’s rapidly advancing pregnancy means that the long-awaited debut of Billy and Tommy is going to happen soon. In the comics, the twins have a very complicated back story, so the question is will it play out in WandaVision? Are they going to go into the complicated comic book storyline or will they create their own unique path in the MCU? I think Marvel Studios might make it a little easier and let the kids travel between whatever reality it is that they are into the real world. Wanda hasn’t figured out who Geraldine actually is, but she is bound to find out as we’ve seen in the trailer and it didn’t seem like Wanda would be too happy about it. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too long before the happy couple’s bubble bursts.

The third episode of WandaVision streams tomorrow on Disney Plus.

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