‘LOKI’ Episode 3 Primer

I, like everyone else, am super excited for the next episode of Loki. In the last episode, Loki discovered that the clever Variant was hiding in apocalypses. This is a great hiding spot because you have materials and resources you will need and you can do whatever you want because eventually the whole place will get wiped out and no one will remember you. The Variant known as Sylvie is a time terrorist and sets off time bombs that create dozens of new timelines. The Sacred Timeline is in huge trouble and they are going to have to work very hard to get it back to normal.

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Sylvie’s plan is very clear: she uses the time bombs to get the TVA agents out of there so she can get to the Time-Keepers. At the end of the episode, we see everyone emptying out of the TVA so her plan worked and thanks to C-20, she knows where to go. But what does she want from them? One more thought, are the Time-Keepers even real or is someone else behind the TVA’s curtain?

Arlyn’s Assumptions

At the very end of the episode, Sylvie tells Loki it’s not about him. Curious about what Sylvie is up to, Loki follows her through a door; in this next episode, we are going to find out who Sylvie is and why she is after the TVA. We’ll also probably be visiting some of the other apocalyptic places we saw in the trailers for the series.

If the Time-Keepers aren’t real I think that the person running the show and taking care of the sacred timeline is Kang the Conquerer. I first met him playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 on my Switch. In the video game, Kang is working with Ravonna, the same Ravonna who has a big role in Loki.  I do believe that everyone in the TVA works for Kang but doesn’t know it. Therefore, Kang is the Time-Keepers. The real question is, will the TVA be able to undo all of the damage that Sylvie has done? Or will it kick off the next multiversal war? Maybe Secret Wars?


The next episode of Loki will premier tomorrow!

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