RUMOR: Olivia Wilde’s ‘Spider-Woman’ to Tackle Jessica Drew’s Comic Origin

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There are a lot of Spider-Man-related projects going around. Sony has been busy expanding the IP in curious ways, such as the upcoming Amazon Silk project. It just recently added showrunner and is moving forward. Now, there was also the revealed Olivia Wilde film that’ll introduce cinema-goers to Spider-Woman. We haven’t had many details regarding the projects, but it seems Illuminerdi may have gotten some curious details. They shred that the main character will indeed be Jessica Drew, as we reported around a year ago, and that’ll follow her comic storyline of fighting through amnesia. In the comics, it was due to her past with HYDRA but that may get changed in the upcoming adaptation. Sony is currently looking to cast someone between 25 to 35 years of age.

It’s been almost nine months since we last heard anything on the project, as Wilde confirmed that she is working or at least in talks with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. The character had a rather important role in the Secret Invasion comic storyline, which will now become. Disney+ series. If any character, besides Peter Parker, of course, would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Drew would be a perfect choice. Nothing has been confirmed but the hint of an older version of the character could tease a very unique origin story for the character. Exploring her origin through amnesia would make for a unique superhero storyline, as she has to retrace her steps. They could turn it into a detective storyline as she tries to figure out what exactly happened to her before she woke up. Whatever direction they may take, hopefully, we’ll get some official information soon.

Source: Illuminerdi

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