What I Heard This Week: HBO Max’s ‘GREEN LANTERN’

Once again wading into unfamiliar territory and territory in which I was burned not too long ago when I shared the rumor that James Gunn was in the earliest stages of developing a Krypto project for Warner Bros…but I’m nothing if not dense, so here’s another hot DC rumor: the Manhunters are set to go up against the Green Lantern Corp in the HBO Max Green Lantern streaming series!

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Though the streaming series hasn’t settled on a start of production much less a release date, tidbits of info have leaked out over time. We know the series is set to span decades and galaxies and feature several members of the GLC including Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz and newcomer Bree Jarta as well as fan favorites such as Killowag and Sinestro. Scott’s story will take place in the 1940s, Gardner’s in the 1980s and Cruz’s in the early 2000s but the story will obviously need some connective tissue and that might just be where this RUMOR comes into play.

First brought into canon in 1975 by the legendary Jack Kirby, the Manhunters are the first attempt by the Guardians of Oa at a universal peace-keeping corps. Over time their programming led to them believing that the extinction of organic beings was the only true path to peace in the universe and led to the creation of the rage-fueled Red Lantern Corps.

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While we cannot confirm the Manhunters as part of the series, their shared history with the Guardians of the Universe, audience familiarity from their role in Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the relative ease of creating them via VFX makes this rumor an easy one to buy into.

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